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Tax Sales


Our Tax Sales department is the last stop in the delinquent tax collection process. A title search is conducted as well as due diligence prior to sale. We also provide day of sale and post sale services.


Limited Title Search


  • Approved files are assigned for a limited title search

    • Examine the title history of the property in question

    • Determine the Current Record Holder of the property and the Defendant in Fi. Fa.

    • Search Land Records for secured interests

    • Search the General Execution Docket for judgements and liens 

    • Check Probate Court records 


  • Review title examination information for accuracy 

    • Import title documents into secured online collections platform (O.T.I.S.)


Mailing Letters


  • Prepare and mail notices to all parties of interest 20 days prior to advertising

    • Certified and first class to Current Record Holders

    • Certified and first class to Defendant in Fi Fa

    • Certified and first class to Tenants in Possession

    • Certified and first class to Heirs

    • Certified and first class to Lienholders

    • Certified to Government Taxing Authorities

    • Certified and first class to Interested Parties

  • Process and re-mail returned notices

  • Prepare and mail a final notice to the Current Record Holder and Defendant in Fi. Fa. certified and first class 10 days prior to day of sale


Legal Ads


  • Prepare Legal Advertising Notices as required by statute 

  • Coordinate with the legal organ of the county or municipality to ensure advertising of the property for four weeks prior to the date of sale as required by statute


Due Diligence


  • Ensure contact with Current Record Holders and lien holders of record

  • Search land records for additional filings from the date of levy                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Post Property

  • Post "Notice of Seizure" on the property prior to sale and photo document


Day of Sale


  • Prepare Day of Sale documents

  • Conduct Public Auction of properties

  • Assist in completing post sale documentation

Post Sale Services


  • Prepare and mail notice of sale and excess funds letters

    • Current Record Holders

    • Defendant in Fi Fa

    • Tenants in Possession

    • Heirs

    • Government Taxing Authorities

    • Interested Parties 

  • Prepare post sale documents and import documents into O.T.I.S.

  • Produce and deliver an electronic or printed file to the Client for their records

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