Lamar Dalton, Madison County Tax Commissioner

   In November of 2014, I was elected in a special called election to fill the previous Tax Commissioner's last two years in her final term.  After qualifying unopposed earlier in the spring, I received a visit from a representative of Appalachian Mountain Services. They maintained a line of communication throughout the summer and were always available for any questions I might have. I still decided to keep the previous Tax Commissioner's delinquent tax collection company to maintain continuity in the office.

   Two weeks into those first two years, I had an issue come up related to day-to-day operations, not delinquent tax. I gave my provider a call, got no answer due to it being a state holiday. I called AMS and had a representative of the company in my office within the hour. I signed with AMS that next week and have never looked back. I inherited accounts with an average of four years delinquency and with the help of AMS, I am now on single year collections. Great Company, great people, with knowledge and experience you can depend on. 


I have been doing business with AMS for about five years and I must say all my expectations have been exceeded from the beginning. Ric, Mark, and every staff member that I have worked with have been professional, courteous, and extremely efficient. They were able to work through a heavy back log of accounts for my county in a short time, and now we maintain things through a regular schedule of letters and the necessary tax sales. I would highly recommend AMS to anyone needing a knowledgeable, efficient, and helpful organization to take care of collections.

J.W. (BILL) Watson III, former Paulding County Tax Commissioner



Dade County has been with AMS for more than 10 years. I am very confident in the research that has been provided before time of sale. We had a large development file bankruptcy the afternoon before a tax sale took place, and AMS held our hand through every step of recalling the sold lots. Great thing is there is no cost to the county nor the taxpayer that pays on time, only the delinquent tax payer.

Angie Moreland Galloway, Dade County

 Tax Commissioner 


I’ve been with Appalachian for about fifteen years.  This has been a great relationship for me and my staff.  I can always count on them to go the extra mile to make that extra phone call to get those taxes paid.  I’m from a small county, so it helps to know that they are there to help me during the sale process. The website is a huge help because we all have repeat customers, so it’s nice to look back on all the information gathered from the last sale like phone calls made, the people they talked to who reside on the property and much, much more. We share the same goal: to get the taxes paid! 

Candace T. Lawson, Greene County Tax Commissioner


In my twenty-two years, I have processed the letters, posted the properties and conducted the sales on my own. Three years ago, I chose to use the services of Appalachian Mountain Services, Inc. Levying has been a breeze. They take care of conducting the title search, mailing all the letters (including certifieds), posting the properties, creating the ads for the newspaper and calling out the sale. Their staff has been very professional, personable and dependable. I wish I had done this years ago.  

Donna M. Chapman, Pike County Tax Commissioner


When I came into office in January 2009, I inherited over 3,000,000 dollars in delinquent taxes and I needed help in getting them collected. I contracted with Appalachian Mountain Services, Inc. to come in and help me with the collection process and that has been one of the best decisions I have made since being in office. They not only helped me catch up, but they have helped me maintain a 99.8% collection rate since. They are not only a great company but also great people to work with. They all are all so helpful, knowledgeable and very nice to work with. Keep up the good work.

David E. Long, former Screven County Tax Commissioner